Service beyond the ordinary

To become the best cable manufacturer not only do you have to stock the best cables but also maintain a customer centric focus as well.

Did you know that we provide services from start to finish and beyond?

In our offer you’ll find everything from cables cut to length and efficient cable drum return processes to the best technical support on the market. Doing business with us pays off.

Among our services you find:

  • Warehousing service based in Aukland
  • Drum returns process to allow for the swift removal of drums from depots or sites in the North Island as required for recycling or for future reuse, thus enabling wastage to be minimised and continuity of supply to be maintained. We can arrange for pick-up of empty drums from any selected warehouses within North Island when required.
  • Clear and communicated delivery and service promise.
  • Flexibility in supply (stock and production plans) to cover fluctuating demand.
  • Comprehensive yet simple performance monitoring and corrective actions.
  • Forecasting cable requirement.
  • Forecasting of customers cable requirements incorporated into manufacturing and inventory plans.
  • Weekly updates on stock levels.
  • Timely updates on delivery status.
  • Product management through comprehensive selection of product categories:
    • Profile (stock): No production lead-time and only transport lead time applicable
    • Made-to-Order: Production lead time and transport lead time; lead times communicated in tender document; lead times can vary depending on factory loading at time of order and no reserved production capacity
    • Forecast: Items that are forecasted by customers and a reduction in lead-time
    • Non-core items serviced from general stock or made to order with lead-time on project basis
    • Core items serviced via a forecast with reserved production capacity and/or reserved stock.
  • Management of inventory through Prysmian SOP system.
  • Drum allocation (minimise waste).
  • Technical support.
  • Dedicated and available account managers to assist every aspect of your request.