Cable lifecycle costs


Buying the cable

When customers/buyers make the decision to purchase a brand, they should be able to do so assured that the products they are using are safe and reliable.

It’s not just about the cheapest cable. Placing priority on the issues of costs can easily compromise the guarantee of these important factors in the purchasing decision.

So it’s safe to say that the buying step is only a small part of the equation and taking only this component into consideration could be detrimental.

The recent cases of poorly made products from Ecables, Olsent and Infinity cables are a cautionary reminders for the need to rethink what ’value for money’ really means. Make sure you’re getting the rest of the picture with your cable supplier.

Project management

At Prysmian, we have a large number of personnel with the expertise needed to provide the best services in managing our customer’s projects. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and problem solving abilities to ensure that all project requirements are competently met.

After sales service

We stand behind the superior quality of our products and excellent after sale services with complete confidence that they will exceed our customer’s expectations. You can trust Prysmian to deliver when others can’t.

Design life > 40 Years

You can rest assured that our cables are designed to meet the highest durability and safety standards. Our products maintain their original functionality for close to half a century.


Maintaining cables can be an arduous job. Prysmian understands the exact conditions that our cables sit in. It’s because of this that we ensure that all our cable undergo rigorous testing and never fail compliance.

We’ve even developed Prycam – a tool that is quick and easy to test already installed cable.

When the time finally comes for Prysmian’s products to perform they go above and beyond.