Safety comes first

It’s common knowledge electricity and cables aren’t something to play around with. So it would make sense to choose cables that are manufactured and tested to New Zealand standards. Yet it seems that businesses are more concerned with their bottom line than the safety of their customers, causing a myriad of problems later down the track.

Parts of the problem lies with the fact that the industry is self-regulated, there are no requirements for independent verification and approval that products sold in the local market actually comply with New Zealand Standards. A further problem lies in the fact that even defective cables can ‘look’ okay yet prove to be quite dangerous when connected to an electrical network.

These problems might be explanations to why poor quality cables still are being installed in New Zealand – but they are certainly no excuses for playing with people’s lives.

At Prysmian safety comes first. We take this very seriously and fully support all efforts to improve customer protection and safety while holding quality compliance as one of its cornerstones.

Why we take it so seriously becomes obvious knowing that we’re Kiwis, just like you. It matters to us if a cable can handle our harsh environment Kiwis in general can rest assure the power cables will provide us the electricity we need without interruptions.

We are proud to be a local cable manufacturer in New Zealand. By the way, we are here to stay By experiencing the conditions of New Zealand ourselves, we are able to design safe and reliable cables that can be trusted.

That is why we can stand behind all of our cable products with complete confidence.

And so can you.