With their unique global perspective, observation satellites offer incomparable advantages to help us better understand, manage and protect the Earth’s precious environment. They provide an instantaneous view of vast areas of the Earth’s surface.

A single image taken by a geo-stationary meteorological satellite, with coverage of up to 200 million square kilometres, can show nearly half the planet. They can observe every corner of the Earth, for both global assessments as well as detailed views of specific locations. A radar altimetry mission dedicated to the observation of the polar regions, CryoSat will study possible climate variations and trends by measuring changes in the thickness of ice sheets and polar ocean sea-ice cover (which play a significant role in the global climate) with unprecedented accuracy, providing researchers with previously unavailable data from these uninhabited regions.

For this application the Group has provided an outstanding range of customised wires and cables for these challenging applications.

Image courtesy © ESA