May 2011 – Prysmian Group has been awarded a contract worth in excess of $175 million by Hudson Transmission Partners, LLC, for the development of a strategic underground and submarine power link between New York City and the New Jersey transmission grid as part of a larger contract awarded to the consortium of Prysmian and Siemens Energy.

Prysmian is responsible for the design, supply and installation of a 345kV High-Voltage Alternate Current (HVAC) land and submarine transmission line that runs along a total route of approximately 7.5miles (13km) to transfer 660MW of existing power from the transmission grid in Ridgefield, New Jersey to New York City.

The Hudson Project is of strategic importance for the City of New York where energy load is constantly increasing. It will help replace resources that may be retired over the next several years as well as strengthen the overall reliability of the power supply system in NYC as a long-term infrastructure asset. The Hudson Project provides New York City customers access to more diverse sources of power, including renewable sources and natural gas.

Prysmian installed a bundle of three high-voltage submarine cables and two optical fibre data transmission cables under a portion of the Hudson River using its own cable-laying ship, the Giulio Verne. The submarine cable system will be buried in bundle below the river bottom at depths ranging from 10 to 15 feet using the Prysmian’s designed hydro-plow machine.

The majority of the high-voltage land cables have been produced at Prysmian’s new state-of-the-art VCV factory in Abbeville, South Carolina and have been installed by Prysmian’s installation services group located in New Jersey. The Prysmian US content in the project have been completed by the supply and installation of land fibre cables produced in the Lexington Fibre Optic cabling facility. In New York City, the underground cable system have been installed under city streets for approximately 0.4miles to the ConEd West 49th Street substation.

North America represents one of the main markets for the Group. The Abbeville state-of-the-art plant completed in 2009 – first facility for the production of extra high-voltage cables in North America –allows Prysmian to support the major public utilities in the country to develop and upgrade their power grids.