Renewable energy cables

To meet an ever-growing need for power, the world is increasingly turning to renewable and sustainably sourced wind, wave an solar energy. In response to this demand, our cables are helping businesses in the renewable industry around the globe convert these new opportunities into reality.

Reflecting our commitment to both innovation and sustainability, we offer premium quality products proven to be long-lasting and trouble-free in the field of renewable energy.

In order to meet different standards and preconditions we always tailor-make the cables in this area. Please contact our experts to specify your requirements. In addition you can read about cases below where we have delivered customised cable solutions.

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  • Solar power generation cables, assemblies and accessories
    • Tailor-made cables
  • Wind power generation cables, sets and accessories
    • Medium voltage cables
    • Low voltage cables
    • Control cables
    • Fibre optic
  • On-shore wind farm installation cables
    • Low and medium voltage cables
    • Fibre optic cables
    • Accessories for AC transition points
  • Offshore wind farm installation cables
    • Submarine systems
    • HVDC submarine
    • HVAC submarine
    • MV submarine