New CEO with ambitious plans

“To prosper and reach our goals we need to focus on Quality and excellent Service in everything that we do.” Says Hamavand Shroff, new CEO at Prysmian Australia and New Zealand (ANZ).

On January 1, 2018, local cable manufacturer Prysmian ANZ welcomed their new CEO, Hamavand Shroff. Mr Shroff (or Hama, as he likes to be called), has been with the company since 1994, and during this time has undertaken a variety of roles within different areas of the business, so brings with him plenty of experience and competence to his new post.

As appointed CEO, Mr Shroff has set out a mission for the company: to become a dominant player in all business segments, not just overall, but in every channel. It’s an ambitious goal, which will require a strategic approach to the market. To succeed there is only one way forward according to Mr Shroff: “To be relevant and trustworthy, both internally and externally.”

To ensure his vision for the company, there are three major elements that should permeate all aspects of the business:

“Safety of our people, along with Quality and excellent Service to our customers are the elements that will make our company move forward and thrive, we’ve come a long way, but we still have a long way to go. However, if we don’t have the trust and support from both our co-workers and our customers, everything we’ve accomplished so far would be in vain”, Mr Shroff explains.

According to Mr Shroff everything goes hand in hand:

“Safety on the factory floor where we produce our cables that meet the required standards; Quality in our recruitment and internal development of our staff as well as Quality in our products; and perhaps most importantly – to never lose sight of our Customer. Excellent Service before, during and after purchase is paramount in order to succeed”.

Mr Shroff started as a Process Engineer with no experience in cable manufacturing, and has taken on various leadership positions over the years. For each new assignment Mr Shroff has got to know different people within the company, from both the Australia and New Zealand region and worldwide from other Prysmian group affiliates.

“I really enjoy the people I have met, and to work with them is an honour. They are the company’s most valuable asset and drive its success. And I mean everyone, from the shop floor to the executive team. When we work together the sky’s the limit to what we can accomplish”, Mr Shroff concludes.