UC9500 Series Standard Patch Panel

UCCONNECT® UC9500 series Light Weight Fibre Suite is designed for the use in the Entrance Room, Horizontal Distribution Areas and Equipment Distribution Areas in the exchange offices or date centres.

The UC9500 Series Standard Patch Panels consist of a 1.2mm thickness steel chassis that can mount to standard EIA 19″ rack rails. The products have sleek design and feel, water painted surface, abrasion resistance and highly durability.

Each 1U unit has 4 slots to be equipped with either modular adaptor panels with easy fixtures or modular cassettes pre-fit with male 12F/24F MPO/MTP® to fanout LC/SC assemblies. Blank plate is available for the unused slots.

They can be configured for OSP cable termination, or optical cable plug and play termination and patching. Available applications include:

  • OSP cable terminated and spliced with pigtails in splice trays and adaptor panels for patching.
  • Pre-terminated cable installed into the subrack and adapter panels for patching.
  • MPO/MTP® trunk cable installed to the subrack and connected with MPO/MTP® cassettes.
Features and Benefits
  • Supported adaptor includes LC, SC, FC, ST, MPO, MTP®
  • Light weight, Sleek design & feel
  • Abrasion resistance and highly durability
  • Modular cassettes or modular Front-panels with snap latches
  • Removable top cover provides access to connections, fibres, and slack storage in rear of tray
  • Multiple trunk cable entry locations provided on rear and sides of enclosure
  • Include fiber optic cable routing kit for cable management

The UC9500 Series Standard Patch Panel comes without fibre adaptor, front-panel and splice tray kits. Below options are available.

Code Description
PP9510 UC 1U Patch Panel 9515, Fixed type, Empty
PP9515 UC 1U Patch Panel 9515, Drawer type, Empty
PP9520 UC 2U Patch Panel 9520, Fixed type, Empty
PP9540 UC 4U Patch Panel 9540, Drawer type, Empty

Below parts are available to support various configurations and ordered as a single product separately.
UC9500 Splice Tray and Cover
UC9500 Front-Panels
UC9500 Module MPO/MTP® Universal Cassette