Our new Singlesm@rt cable uses a unique cable design of composite glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP) strength member laid in parallel to loose tube,  thus eliminates fillers found in a traditional multi loose tube design. This design provides a small and extremely cost effective cable with tensile and crush strengths comparable to the larger traditional loose tube design.

The loose-tube contains up to 24 single-mode fibres and is filled with a low viscosity, non-melting gel that prevents the longitudinal passage of moisture along the tube. The cable core is protected from moisture permeation and water penetration through a dry water-blocking system. Each individual fibre is coloured within the tube for unambiguous identification. The cable is completed by the application of a co-extruded dual layer of polyethylene sheath with an integrally bonded nylon jacket for protection against termite attack with improved cable bending and durability. Two ripcords are provided beneath the sheath for easy removal.

This cable is fully dielectric, thus immune to electric shocks or magnetic interferences and is designed for external underground installations in ducts by pulling, jetting or floating techniques. Mainly used for distribution and access network.

For a more detailed description, please download our datasheet.

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An instructional video detailing cable stripping and preparation is available to the right