G655 – G656 Series

Long distance and metropolitan non-zero dispersion shifted fibres developed for optimized dispersion characteristics in high-capacity, long-distance networks.

Our TeraLight® fibre is available in 2 versions, the regular TeraLight® and the TeraLight® Ultra. The benefit of the former is the minimization of your chromatic dispersion compensation while the latter is optimized for ultra-long transmission.

Both versions offer:

• Solutions for long haul and metropolitan transmissions.

• Excellent distortion management.

• Cost effective operation at 10 and 40 Gbps.

• Tight channel spacing in C- and L-bands.

• Compatibility with the future S-band.

• Support for today’s CWDM and DWDM systems and their future evolutions.

• Compliance with ITU-T G.655 and G.656 recommendations.

It’s typical chromatic dispersion of 8 ps/nm.km at 1550 nm is optimized to be half that of G.652 standard single-mode optical fibre, resulting in dispersion compensation devices with lower costs, and less PMD contributions. However, this dispersion value is high enough to counter detrimental cross-channel non-linearities in DWDM systems.