Fluid filled cable systems

The Prysmian name has been synonymous with fluid filled High Voltage cable systems since it invented and introduced its range of products into service in the 1920s. With their proven electrical performance, life expectancy and excellent reliability record, these type of cable systems continue to meet the ever increasing demands of the world-wide transmission and distribution systems up to 1100 kV AC.

With its long experience in the design and production Prysmian offers its own comprehensive range of High Voltage accessories for all fluid-filled cable systems, including transformer and switchgear terminations, outdoor terminations with porcelain insulators of various creepage distance, straight and stop joints – sectionalised or non-sectionalised – oil tanks, pressure monitoring and alarm equipment.

Prysmian also manufactures and supplies Polypropylene Paper Laminate (PPL) insulated cables to fulfil the latest specifications for higher capacity cables. These cables are based on the traditional fluid filled cable technology using a PP tape sandwiched within a conventional paper insulation tape. Such designs significantly increase the electrical and thermal performance of the cable and open new technological and economical possibilities to the system design process.

We tailor-make your solutions
In order to meet different standards and preconditions we always tailor-make the cable systems in this area. Please contact our experts to specify your requirements. In addition you can read about cases where we have delivered customised cable solutions.