Adaptor Face Plates for SRS4000

The Adaptor Face Plates kit are fitted into the 1, 2 or 3U SRS4000 Splice and Patch Shelves. Each Adaptor Face Plate fits half of 1U. The Adaptor Face Plates can be used to install into an unconfigured Splice and Patch Shelf or can be used to upgrade an existing shelf.

Kit Contents

The kit comprises of an adaptor faceplate and adaptors.

Single-Mode Patch Upgrade Kits (Adaptors + faceplate)

Code Description Adaptor Colour
XSRSC00145 SC/UPC 12f Duplex S/ mode Blue
XSRSC00146 SC/UPC 24f Quad S/ mode Blue
XSRSC00148 SC/APC 12f Duplex S/ mode Green
XSRSC00149 SC/APC 24f Quad S/ mode Green
XSRSC00153 LC/UPC 24f Duplex S/ mode Blue
XSRSC00155 LC/APC 24f Duplex S/ mode Green


Multi-Mode Patch Upgrade Kits (Adaptors + faceplate)

Code  Description Adaptor Colour
XSRSC00151 SC/UPC 12f Duplex MM Beige
XSRSC00157 LC/UPC 24f Duplex MM Beige


Other configurations are available upon request. Please contact Prysmian to discuss your requirements