Drop Cables FTTx


    Indoor drop optical fibre cable with steel wire reinforcement and LSOH sheath. Designed to run from the distribution point to the subscriber, in both home and business premises.


    This tight buffered single cord optical cable is specifically designed for use in the last leg of the Fibre To The Premises (FTTP) applications. The cable can be pre-connectorised and protected with QUICKDR@W pulling shroud for ease of installation and without the use of expensive fusion splicing equipment. It is specifically designed to be flexible and kink resistant. For a more detailed description, please download our datasheet(s) / brochure. Alternatively our contact details are listed below if you wish to…


    The SM@RTCORE® Lite optical cables consist of a single filled loose tube containing up to 12 individually coloured optical fibres. The tube is centrally positioned and surrounded with high absorption performance water swellable yarns for water blocking. The cable is sheathed with polyethylene and jacketed with integrally bonded UV stabilised nylon. The nylon jacket acts as a protective layer against termites and ants. The sheath is UV stabilised Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LS0H), low smoke and fume thermoplastic in compliance…