Made to blend in.

Introducing our new white Fl@tcore™ fibre cables.

White as snow and flat as a sliced carrot. Filled with two 250μm BendBrightXS fibres and strengthened with galvanised steel wires for excellent roddability. All packed in an easy-to-carry box and metre marked for better usage control. Features that make it quick to install – with style. Too good to be true? Visit your nearest wholesaler and see it for yourself …

Indoor drop cable for use in home and business premises.

Cable construction
2 BendBrightXS optical fibres in the centre and 2 x 0.5 mm coated steel wires laid next to them. All encased by a white LSOH sheath on a horizontal arrangement.


The quality of BendBrightXS fibre optic
BendBrightXS is the Bend-Insensitive fibre from Prysmian and Draka. BBXS optical fibres are specially manufactured using Draka’s patented EPVC (Enhanced Plasma Vapour Deposition) process and comply with the ITU-T G.657.A2 standard. This market leading technology makes BBXS fibres virtually insensitive to both MICRO and MACRO bending, making them perfect for installation in compact and tight installation areas.

An aesthetically better looking installation
Installing a flat and white cable on your walls has more style than laying the commonly used round and black cable. Its flat and small size of 1.7 mm x 2.9 mm, makes this cable a very attractive option.

Excellent installation options
2 x coated galvanised steel wires work as strength members, making the cable easy to push through small spaces during installation.

Metre marked for better usage control
The cable is metre marked allowing you to size the job right and be sure what’s left in the box.

Convenient packaging
500 m length packs come in an easy to dispense box using our “reel in a box” technology.


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