EEA 2016 Conference: Opportunity for Prysmian to help shape the future of the New Zealand Power Industry

June 22nd to 24th became the opportunity for Prysmian to be, once again, part of the Electricity Engineers’ Association Annual Conference. This year’s conference motto “Shaping the Future” was the ground for industry stakeholders to share views on topics such as Sustainability and Innovation in the Power Industry.

The event took place in Wellington and attracted industry leaders (suppliers, contractors and consultants) from New Zealand and Australia as well as local and international academics. Over 70 technical papers were presented at the meeting.

“This year the conference addressed challenges faced by the electricity supply industry, best practices for today and tomorrow, the increasingly changing customer demand, and the technologies and innovations that we can use to shape our industry”, said Joshua Butterfield, Prysmian New Zealand’s National Power & Distribution Manager.

For Prysmian it was also an opportunity to connect with existing and potential new customers. It allowed the company to show its local and global capabilities, spreading the message of being “bigger than you think”.

Keynote presentations, the conference program and a photo gallery can be found on the news section of the EEA website.

The next EEA conference is planned for June 2017.

Images courtesy of EEA

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Images courtesy of EAA