UC9600 Ultra High-Density Module Cassettes

UC9600 Ultra High-Density Module Cassettes are designed specifically to fit the UC9600 series Ultra High-Density Patch Panel providing various configurations for the hyper scale date centres applications.

Features and Benefits 

  • Available in Duplex LC or Uni-boot LC patch cord
  • Available in G657A, OM3 and OM4
  • Utilises bend-insensitive fibre
  • Plug & Play Installation
  • Quick release mechanism
  • MPO/MTP® Cassette available with 3xMPO-8, 2xMPO-12, 1xMPO-24
  • Type P (Pair-Flipped) is Draka UC defacto (compatible with Type-B MPO(F) to MPO(F) Trunk Cable), Type A and B available
  • Available in 24F Splice cassette with pigtails
  • Pre-terminate and 100% test from factory
  • Utilized with UC9600 1U/2U/4U Patch Panel