UC9600 Series Ultra High-Density Patch Panel

UCCONNECT® UC9600 series Ultra High-Density Patch Panel is designed to address all the fibre termination and patching requirement for hyper scale date centres.

The chassis consist of cold-rolled steel and aluminium to balance the robust and light weight. They can be installed into 19” / ETSI / ANSI racks. The products have sleek design and feel, anodized surface, abrasion resistance and highly durability.

Each 1U unit has 6 sliding slots to be equipped with modular 24F cassettes providing up to 144F capacity. The cassettes can be configurated as splice to LC or MPO/MTP® fanout to LC. Hence, they are suitable for OSP cable termination, or optical cable plug and play termination and patching.

Available applications include:

  • OSP cable terminated and spliced with LC pigtails in splice trays for patching.
  • MPO/MTP® pre-term cable connected with MPO/MTP® cassettes for patching.

Features and Benefits 

  • Light weight design
  • Abrasion resistance and highly durability
  • Adopt ultra-high-density cassettes
  • Flexibly capacity design
  • Increase fibre connection on demand
  • Plug & Play fast installation
  • Easy fix up to 6 Module MPO-LC or Splicing cassettes and up to 144F per 1RU
  • Sliding slots for the cassettes for easy installation and maintenance
  • Rear cable support and management shelf
  • Patch cord management and protection
  • Pocket label convenient for independent label printing and replacement

The UC9600 Series Ultra High-Density Patch Panel is supplied as a chassis including the rear cable support and management shelf and front labelling. Below options are available.

Code Description
PP9610 1U Patch Panel 9610, Sliding type, Empty
PP9620 2U Patch Panel 9620, Sliding type, Empty
PP9640 4U Patch Panel 9640, Sliding type, Empty

UC9600 Ultra High-Density Module Cassettes are available to support various configurations and ordered as a single product separately.