Ribbon Cables

Ribbon Fibre Cables offer extremely high fibre density as well as the advantages of Mass Fusion Splicing – where 12 fibres can be fusion spliced in one operation.

This has the potential to speed up network roll out and significantly cut splicing and installation costs.

Prysmian is the only cable supplier manufacturing fibre ribbons in Australia, these are supplied in a range of fibre count cables from small 72 fibre cables to high capacity 864 fibre cables.

Designs up to and including 144 fibres utilise our cost effective central tube construction, while cables from 288 to 864 fibres utilise our reduced diameter multi loose tube design.

Our reduced diameter cables have been designed and developed in Australia for Australian conditions and are significantly smaller than traditional ribbon cable designs.

They also feature a more circular profile and enhanced flexibility for ease of installation.

The fibre used in the manufacture of the ribbon units is Prysmian’s award winning Colourlock Single Mode Fibre, which offers worlds best protection from water ingress as well as superior micro and macro bending performance.

The ribbon fibre units are housed within Polyethylene tubes inside the cable. Polyethylene tubes offer superior flexibility and easier and faster preparation and installation when compared to alternative tube material.

The cables also include a bonded nylon jacket which provides an anti-termite barrier and reduces friction during installation. Having the nylon jacket bonded to the polyethylene sub sheath reduces the size and cost and means that the nylon will not crease or crack when the cable is coiled.

It also ensures no water can travel between the polyethylene and nylon layers.

The cables are also available with Glass Reinforced Plastic armouring which offers an all dielectric rodent proof design for when rats are a problem.

As of June 2015, there has been in excess of 20000 kilometres of Prysmian’s Ribbon Cable deployed in Australia. Enough cable to stretch half way around the world!