Our Minism@rt cables present the next stage in fibre optic cable deployment. Using state of the art manufacturing technology and process control, Prysmian has drastically miniaturised loose tube cables, offering benefits to both installers and network owners.

This radical reduction in cable cross-section leads to high fibre-density cables, significantly increasing duct utilisation. This offers the potential to increase the number of fibres in a duct, lower the number of ducts needed or extend the life of the existing infrastructure, all of which offer significant savings to network owners.

Features and Benefits

  • Stranded tube design
    • – conventional construction enabling mid-span entry.
    • – 12 fibres and 24 fibres per tube available.
  • Compact design
    • – high fibre-density enables more fibre per duct.
  • Precision engineered
    • – high strength materials ensure mechanical performance.
  • Flexible and light-weight
    • – easier and quicker to install.
  • More cable per drum
    • – longer lengths on a given drum size can lower installation costs.
  • Versatile installation
    • – cables can be hauled into ducts or installed into sub-ducts using light-weight cable jetting equipment.

MINISM@RT cables can be blown through mini sub-duct as small as 10 mm in diameter. Blowing the MINISM@RT cable can offer significant cost savings compared with hauling the corresponding SM@RTCORE® cable.

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