Introducing FlexTube Cables from Prysmian – Fibre density like no other!

The FlexTube products offer many advantages compared with using standard loose tube optical cable. The innovative micromodule design incorporates soft, flexible fibre units – more dense and quicker to prepare and install.

These key benefits of denser design and easier handling translate to major savings in terms of time and cost – and the larger the project, the greater the savings.

What does FlexTube deliver?

  • Record breaking fibre density, increasing duct capacity, reducing civil costs.
  • Reduced installation time.
    • Easier handling – smaller, lighter and more flexible cable.
    • Fast access to fibres – easy to remove the module material with no tools required.
    • Small quantity of grease, minimising clean-up time.
  • Modules are immune to kinking, avoids attenuation risks.
  • Simple mid-span breakout – enabling single module extraction.
  • Better thermal stability, especially when tightly wound in joints.
  • Supports the reduction in size of connectivity units, saving space and providing improved aesthetics.
  • Available with Prysmian Group’s BendBrightxs bend insensitive G.657.A2 fibres. In regular 250µm format or even denser 200µm versions, enabling the FlexTube to be wound around tight radii without signal loss.

For a more detailed description, please download our datasheet(s) / brochure. Alternatively our contact details are listed below if you wish to speak to a Prysmian Product Specialist for further information.