AFUMEX – A Safer Choice

Afumex is a range of halogen free flame retardant cables, which saves lives and money in case of a fire. Gone is the black poisonous smoke, as is the corroding substances that ruin electronics and machines. Remaining is the flexible properties that make the cables so easy to install.

Cables can be the means of propagation of a fire from one room to adjacent rooms and the majority of deaths in a fire are due to inhaling dangerous gases, not the least from cables. Plus, the smoke and gas are dark which obstruct evacuation.

Afumex is a result of the continuous activity of research and development of the Prysmian Group, focused on reducing potential hazards during fire by developing materials that limit single flame and fire propagation, produce less smoke and release less heat and less acid and corrosive effluents. These cables help to provide more time to escape and a less hazardous environment for rescue teams.

Afumex is in conformity with the standards IEC 60332-3 and EN 50266, relative to the propagation of the fire; in line with the principles of the European norms for the safeguard of atmosphere (ISO 14000).

In order to meet different standards and preconditions we always tailor-make the cables in this area. Please contact our experts to specify your requirements. In addition you can read about cases where we have delivered customised cable solutions.