Wind power generation cables, sets and accessories

  • Medium voltage cables

    For the transmission of power from 6 kV up to 55 kV, we offer single and four core medium-voltage flexible cables. They are optimised for torsion twist in the tower down to -40 °C.

  • Low voltage cables

    For the connection from the generator to the transformer down the tower we can offer several low voltage cables depending on your needs. They are fully optimised for twisting at high and low temperatures in accordance to various standards.

  • Control cables

    Copper and FO data control cables for use in fixed and flexible installations. Designed for data transmission in low and high temperatures in accordance to various standards.

  • Fibre optic

    We have a comprehensive and specialized program of pre-fabricated fibre cable kits. Choose between customized solutions and accessories, for within or between towers and grid connection.