UC9500 Series Light Weight Fibre Suite

  • UC9500 Module MPO/MTP® Universal Cassette

    UC9500 Module MPO/MTP® LC-Duplex is designed specifically to fit UC9500 Patch Panel. Design and engineered to reduce total cost of ownership when deployed with 12-Fibre MPO-MPO, or 12-Fibre MTP®-MTP® fibre trunks. This module supports the popular 2-fibre 10Gb up to the next generation 25Gb/40Gb/100Gb/400Gb applications. MTP® is a registered 12-fibre MPO connector, trademark of USCONEC. Features and Benefits Installed with Draka BendBright®-XS bend-insensitive fibre Installation is simple, with the module being easily installed, or removed, using push-pull mechanism, no tools…

  • UC9500 Front-Panels

    Prysmian offers a range of Front-Panels compatible with UC9500 Fiber Patch Panel Series. Features and Benefits Cold rolled steel Plate, thickness 1.2mm Powder Coating (water mark) Easy snap latches fixtures 6x port per panel Gongs nails to firmly secure the adaptors Blank panel is available Adaptor available in below options Multimode and Singlemode LC Duplex or Quadplex SC Simplex or Duplex FC Simplex ST Simplex MPO or MTP® Type A or Type B MPO-8, MPO-12 and MPO-24 Base compatible

  • UC9500 Splice Tray and Cover

    UC9500 Splice Tray and Cover keeps the fusion splices away from accidental stress-strain, water droplets and dust particles. Features and Benefits Stackable with detachable cover High quality fingerprint and dust resistant surfaces Light weight and highly durable 24F version does not include splice protective tube 48F version include splice protective tube Compatible with UC9500 Series Stackable up to 2 splice tray per one RU

  • UC9500 Series Standard Patch Panel

    UCCONNECT® UC9500 series Light Weight Fibre Suite is designed for the use in the Entrance Room, Horizontal Distribution Areas and Equipment Distribution Areas in the exchange offices or date centres. The UC9500 Series Standard Patch Panels consist of a 1.2mm thickness steel chassis that can mount to standard EIA 19" rack rails. The products have sleek design and feel, water painted surface, abrasion resistance and highly durability. Each 1U unit has 4 slots to be equipped with either modular adaptor…