Single Mode

  • G657A BBXS Bend Insensitive

    We believe that bend-insensitive optical fibres shouldn't have to come at the expense of other characteristics. In order to enhance the world's most deployed single mode optical fibre, the G.652 standard, Prysmian invented the BendBright® family comprising of BendBright® and BendBrightXS. They have a bend sensitivity reduction of x10 and x100 respectively as compared to G.652 without compromising on quality. Important features of the BendBright® family: • Compliance with the most stringent ITU-T G.652.D recommendation. • Capacity for tighter, high-end…

  • G655 – G656 Series

    Long distance and metropolitan non-zero dispersion shifted fibres developed for optimized dispersion characteristics in high-capacity, long-distance networks. Our TeraLight® fibre is available in 2 versions, the regular TeraLight® and the TeraLight® Ultra. The benefit of the former is the minimization of your chromatic dispersion compensation while the latter is optimized for ultra-long transmission. Both versions offer: • Solutions for long haul and metropolitan transmissions. • Excellent distortion management. • Cost effective operation at 10 and 40 Gbps. • Tight channel…

  • G652D

    This series is part of the most deployed fibre type worldwide and can be used in all cable constructions including loose tube, tight buffered, ribbon and central tube designs. We offer two types, standard and enhanced. The enhanced Single-Mode Fibre (ESMF) is compliant with ITU-T Recommendation G.652, Table D. The tighter geometrical, attenuation and PMD specifications of the enhanced type enables superior performance in long haul, metropolitan, access and premises applications for telecommunications, CATV and utility networks.