Offshore wind farm installation cables

  • Submarine systems

    We can offer you high-end submarine cables for all common applications of submarine power transmission and distribution systems. That includes everything from the connection to or between offshore oil production facilities and transmission of power from renewable offshore sources to electrical feeding of islands.

  • HVDC submarine

    HVDC cable systems are the most viable solution for power transfer between asynchronous networks, crossing of large water bodies and long distance transmission lines also in hybrid configuration. In meshed AC networks HVDC systems provide controllable bulk power transmission capacity without increase in short circuit current levels.

  • HVAC submarine

    AC transmission is used on short distances because it is more cost effective as it does not require converter stations. HVAC cables are either extruded or paper insulated. Prysmian cables insulation technologies are suitable for voltages up to 1000 kV AC.

  • MV submarine

    The key features of these Prysmian products are absence of impregnating fluids and/or pressure feeding requirements, reduced cable weight and dimensions as well as relative ease of jointing. MV submarine cables can be either EPR or XLPE insulated. In most cases, XLPE requires an impervious metallic sheath (e.g. lead sheath) to be applied over each core to avoid direct contact with water. EPR compounds can be formulated in such a way as to give an excellent performance in terms of…