Accessories and Services


    PRY-CAM is an integrated portable instrument for automatic acquisition, processing and classification of pulse signals generated by Partial Discharge (PD) phenomena occurring in insulating materials of medium and high voltage electrical systems and components. Wireless PRY-CAM allows accurate diagnostic measurements and continuous monitoring without having to switch off the electrical system during the test.

  • Transition joints to XLPE cables

    When the transition between a fluid-filled cable and a XLPE cable is required, a very specific jointing solution has to be used. Such a solution is designed to ensure the proper connection between the different cable designs and to guarantee an adequate sealing to avoid any leakage from the paper insulated side. We can offer a wide range of three-core transition joints depending on the specific circuit requirements.

  • Pry-Mould series

    Pry-Mould accessories are based on pre-moulded electrical components, i.e. stress cones for terminations and one-piece sleeves for joints. Pre-moulded sleeves and stress cones are currently available for HV polymeric cables from 72.5 kV up to 525 kV and adopt the same design at all voltage classes.


    The CLICK-FIT® plug-in concept is a unique system designed to connect high and extra-high-voltage extruded power cables for 72 kV up to 420 kV. Important features are high reliability combined with fast, easy and man-independent installation techniques that lead to a reduction in project realization time and cost. Following the principle of the CLICK-FIT® concept, the ends of the cables are prepared and provided with plugs. The uniform plug design enables the installation of joints and terminations simply by plugging-in…